Fresno Unified school district (Data source)

County of Fresno

THIS chart shows what the school system "wants"

PLUS a "special" or "outside" cause of variation, parent education.

NOT what school board members want.

NOT what superintendents want.

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Fresno Unified math proficiency
Zero+ meets standard.

• Any result above zero is proficient; below is not proficient. • There is a 99% chance that results will remain the same in coming years, which is to say, between the Upper and Lower Control Limits (the gray lines).

Students would perform better the more years in school IF the follow-the-schedule method wanted that.

But that's not what it "wants"...and it's not a coincidence this pattern repeats (repeatedly).

The system (the follow-the-schedule method) "wants" schools to perform poorer, relative to grade level, the more years students spend in public school.

• Any result above zero is proficient; below is not proficient.

Fresno Unified math proficiency
Zero+ meets standard.
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Schools in Fresno Unified

Elementary School (Public) (66)
Addams Elementary Akira Yokomi Elementary Ann B. Leavenworth
Ayer Elementary Aynesworth Elementary Birney Elementary
Bullard Talent Burroughs Elementary Calwa Elementary
Centennial Elementary Columbia Elementary David L. Greenberg Elementary
Deborah A. Williams Elementary Del Mar Elementary Easterby Elementary
Eaton Elementary Edith B. Storey Elementary Ericson Elementary
Ewing Elementary Ezekiel Balderas Elementary Figarden Elementary
Forkner Elementary Fremont Elementary Gibson Elementary
Hamilton Elementary Heaton Elementary Holland Elementary
Homan Elementary Jackson Elementary Jefferson Elementary
King Elementary Kirk Elementary Kratt Elementary
Lane Elementary Lawless Elementary Lincoln Elementary
Lowell Elementary Malloch Elementary Manchester Gate
Mario G. Olmos Elementary Mayfair Elementary McCardle Elementary
Miguel Hidalgo Elementary Molly S. Bakman Elementary Muir Elementary
Norseman Elementary Powers-Ginsburg Elementary Pyle Elementary
Robinson Elementary Roeding Elementary Rowell Elementary
Slater Elementary Starr Elementary Sunset Elementary
Susan B. Anthony Elementary Thomas Elementary Turner Elementary
Vang Pao Elementary Viking Elementary Vinland Elementary
Wawona K-8 Webster Elementary Wilson Elementary
Winchell Elementary Wishon Elementary Wolters Elementary
High Schools (Public) (9)
Bullard High Edison High Erma Duncan Polytechnical High
Fresno High Herbert Hoover High McLane High
Phillip J Patino School of Entrepreneurship Roosevelt High Sunnyside High
Intermediate/Middle Schools (Public) (14)
Ahwahnee Middle Baird Middle Cooper Middle
Edison Computech Elizabeth Terronez Middle Fort Miller Middle
Kings Canyon Middle Rutherford B. Gaston Sr. Middle Scandinavian Middle
Sequoia Middle Tehipite Middle Tenaya Middle
Tioga Middle Yosemite Middle
Special Education Schools (Public) (3)
Florence E. Rata Fulton Irwin O. Addicott Elementary
Continuation High Schools (2)
Cambridge Continuation High Dewolf Continuation High
District Community Day Schools (2)
Phoenix Elementary Academy Community Day Phoenix Secondary
Adult Education Centers (1)
Fresno Adult
Alternative Schools of Choice (2)
Design Science Middle College High J. E. Young Academic Center
Preschool (1)
Fresno City and Fresno State Preschools