The DIFFERENCE is what the method WANTS and GETS

OUR OPPONENT wants and gets:

some ahead and bored, some in the middle, others falling behind and getting discouraged:

and this in spite of what educators want, to bring out the best from each and every student.

OUR CANDIDATE wants and gets what we want!

To lead out student ability to lead themselves and the ability to plan learning just right for each. Why?

Because it works with the what educators want, to bring out the best from each; and it gives students a safe place to practice their growing independence – something students crave.

Support for the Lead out method

Anne Griswold: VP Content Leadership Hermann International
Master Facilitator, Strategic Learning Design and Development, Executive Coach

I have been a leader in Organizational Design and Leadership for my entire career and while there are many things that I have learned, one of the most important is "every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets". Schools are a system and are no different than the many organizations I have worked in. And the results we are currently getting in schools are shameful. It is time to look at the root cause of the problem in schools and fix the right problem. It's not the children, teachers, curriculum, the demographics or even the technology or tools. The problem is, as Robert Caveney calls out, we are using the wrong method! We are using a 1900's production method to push children through to the next grade ready or not! The problem is we are confusing learning and true education. We do not teach autonomy or get students engaged in learning through their interests where they can excel. It is time to activate a NEW WAY to approach true EDUCATION with the I-o method so our children can achieve the results we want, I dare say need, in our schools and ultimately to broaden leadership in society.