San Francisco Unified school district (Data source)

County of San Francisco

Just a coincidence? That's absurd.

It's a system that causes this pattern to repeat.

THIS chart shows what the follow-the-schedule method wants.

NOT what school board members want.

NOT what superintendents want.

More about this chart.

San Francisco Unified math proficiency
Zero+ meets standard.

• Any result above zero is proficient; below is not proficient. • There is a 99% chance that results will remain the same in coming years, which is to say, between the Upper and Lower Control Limits (the gray lines).

Students would perform better the more years in school IF the follow-the-schedule method wanted that.

But that's not what it "wants"...and it's not a coincidence this pattern repeats (repeatedly).

The system (the follow-the-schedule method) "wants" schools to perform poorer, relative to grade level, the more years students spend in public school.

• Any result above zero is proficient; below is not proficient.

San Francisco Unified math proficiency
Zero+ meets standard.
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Schools in San Francisco Unified

Elementary School (Public) (72)
Alamo Elementary Alvarado Elementary Argonne Elementary
Bryant Elementary Buena Vista/ Horace Mann K-8 Carmichael (Bessie)/FEC
Carver (George Washington) Elementary Chavez (Cesar) Elementary Chin (John Yehall) Elementary
Chinese Immersion School at DeAvila Clarendon Alternative Elementary Cleveland Elementary
Cobb (William L.) Elementary Drew (Charles) College Preparatory Academy El Dorado Elementary
Feinstein (Dianne) Elementary Flynn (Leonard R.) Elementary Garfield Elementary
Glen Park Elementary Grattan Elementary Guadalupe Elementary
Harte (Bret) Elementary Hillcrest Elementary Huerta (Dolores) Elementary
Jefferson Elementary Key (Francis Scott) Elementary King (Thomas Starr) Elementary
Lafayette Elementary Lakeshore Alternative Elementary Lau (Gordon J.) Elementary
Lawton Alternative Elementary Lee (Edwin and Anita) Newcomer Lilienthal (Claire) Elementary
Longfellow Elementary Malcolm X Academy Marshall Elementary
McCoppin (Frank) Elementary McKinley Elementary Milk (Harvey) Civil Rights Elementary
Miraloma Elementary Mission Education Center Monroe Elementary
Moscone (George R.) Elementary Muir (John) Elementary New Traditions Elementary
Ortega (Jose) Elementary Parker (Jean) Elementary Parks (Rosa) Elementary
Peabody (George) Elementary Redding Elementary Revere (Paul) Elementary
Rooftop Elementary San Francisco Community Alternative San Francisco Public Montessori
Sanchez Elementary Serra (Junipero) Elementary Sheridan Elementary
Sherman Elementary Sloat (Commodore) Elementary Spring Valley Elementary
Stevenson (Robert Louis) Elementary Sunnyside Elementary Sunset Elementary
Sutro Elementary Taylor (Edward R.) Elementary Tenderloin Community
Ulloa Elementary Visitacion Valley Elementary Webster (Daniel) Elementary
West Portal Elementary Yick Wo Elementary Yu (Alice Fong) Elementary
High Schools (Public) (10)
Balboa High Burton (Phillip and Sala) Academic High Galileo High
Lincoln (Abraham) High Lowell High Marshall (Thurgood) High
Mission High O'Connell (John) High Wallenberg (Raoul) Traditional High
Washington (George) High
Intermediate/Middle Schools (Public) (13)
Aptos Middle Brown Jr. (Willie L) Middle Denman (James) Middle
Everett Middle Francisco Middle Giannini (A.P.) Middle
Hoover (Herbert) Middle King Jr. (Martin Luther) Academic Middle Lick (James) Middle
Marina Middle Presidio Middle Roosevelt Middle
Visitacion Valley Middle
Continuation High Schools (2)
Downtown High Wells (Ida B.) High
Alternative Schools of Choice (5)
Academy (The)- SF @McAteer Asawa (Ruth) SF Sch of the Arts, A Public School Independence High
Jordan (June) School for Equity S.F. International High
Preschool (11)
Cooper (Sarah B.) Children Center Havard (Leola M.) Early Education Las Americas Children Center
Mahler (Theresa S.) Children Center McLaren (John) Children Centers Noriega Children Center
Presidio Early Ed. San Miguel Children Center Stockton (Commodore) Children Center
Tule Elk Park Children Center Weill (Raphael) Children Center