In 1980 the world learned HOW the Japanese achieved higher quality and simultaneous lower costs by using a different method. The lesson came from an episode of the NBC White Paper hosted by Lloyd Dobyn.

The Japanese were using a newer method, one invented by W. Edwards Deming.

U.S., European and other manufacturers were still (albeit unconsciously) using a method invented in 1890 by none other than Frederick Winslow Taylor — the very same follow-the-schedule method school districts continue to use today.

After seeing the episode of the NBC White Paper, subtitled "If Japan can...why can't we?" the world rushed to copy the Japanese.

And failed.

They skipped right past the theoretical knowledge and attempted to copy the "how-to" knowledge.

Bottom line: the failure to acquire theoretical knowledge dooms implementation.

See The Deming Institute for more information about W. Edwards Deming and Deming's beautiful method.

Migrating from Taylor's unifying priority to that of the I-o method.

Curriculum, childhood developement

Curriculum, childhood development


More psychology — knowledge of how to lead out student' ability to lead themselves.

Knowledge of how to work at the level of the organization, of methods for working together. Knowledge of which methods have been proven effective and ineffective.