Canyon Oaks High (Data source)

Monrovia Unified school district County of Los Angeles

Just a coincidence? That's absurd.

It's a system that causes this pattern to repeat.

THIS chart shows what the
follow-the-schedule method wants.

NOT what teachers want.

NOT what principals want.

NOT what parents want.

More about this chart.

• Any result above zero is proficient; below is not proficient. • There is a 99% chance that results will remain the same in coming years, which is to say, between the Upper and Lower Control Limits (the gray lines). • The houses with the % of students receiving a Free or Reduced Price Meal is a measure of wealth/poverty.

Canyon Oaks High math proficiency
Zero+ meets standard.
54% less $meal
60% less $meal
61% less $meal
73% less $meal
65% less $meal

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Canyon Oaks High