Sacramento City Unified school district (Data source)

County of Sacramento

Just a coincidence? That's absurd.

It's a system that causes this pattern to repeat.

THIS chart shows what the follow-the-schedule method wants.

NOT what school board members want.

NOT what superintendents want.

More about this chart.

Sacramento City Unified math proficiency
Zero+ meets standard.

• Any result above zero is proficient; below is not proficient. • There is a 99% chance that results will remain the same in coming years, which is to say, between the Upper and Lower Control Limits (the gray lines).

Students would perform better the more years in school IF the follow-the-schedule method wanted that.

But that's not what it "wants"...and it's not a coincidence this pattern repeats (repeatedly).

The system (the follow-the-schedule method) "wants" schools to perform poorer, relative to grade level, the more years students spend in public school.

• Any result above zero is proficient; below is not proficient.

Sacramento City Unified math proficiency
Zero+ meets standard.
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Schools in Sacramento City Unified

Elementary School (Public) (49)
A. M. Winn Waldorf-Inspired Abraham Lincoln Elementary Alice Birney Waldorf-Inspired
Bret Harte Elementary Caleb Greenwood Elementary Camellia Elementary
Caroline Wenzel Elementary Cesar Chavez Intermediate Crocker/Riverside Elementary
David Lubin Elementary Earl Warren Elementary Edward Kemble Elementary
Elder Creek Elementary Ethel I. Baker Elementary Ethel Phillips Elementary
Father Keith B. Kenny Genevieve Didion Golden Empire Elementary
H. W. Harkness Elementary Hollywood Park Elementary Hubert H. Bancroft Elementary
Isador Cohen Elementary James Marshall Elementary John Bidwell Elementary
John Cabrillo Elementary John D. Sloat Elementary John H. Still
Leataata Floyd Elementary Leonardo Da Vinci Mark Twain Elementary
Martin Luther King, Jr. Matsuyama Elementary Nicholas Elementary
O. W. Erlewine Elementary Oak Ridge Elementary Pacific Elementary
Parkway Elementary Peter Burnett Elementary Phoebe A. Hearst Elementary
Pony Express Elementary Rosa Parks Elementary Sequoia Elementary
Susan B. Anthony Elementary Sutterville Elementary Tahoe Elementary
Theodore Judah Elementary Washington Elementary William Land Elementary
Woodbine Elementary
High Schools (Public) (8)
Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High C. K. McClatchy High Hiram W. Johnson High
John F. Kennedy High Kit Carson International Academy Luther Burbank High
Rosemont High West Campus
Intermediate/Middle Schools (Public) (6)
Albert Einstein Middle California Middle Fern Bacon Middle
Sam Brannan Middle Sutter Middle Will C. Wood Middle
Special Education Schools (Public) (1)
John Morse Therapeutic Center
Continuation High Schools (1)
American Legion High (Continuation)
District Community Day Schools (1)
Success Academy
Adult Education Centers (2)
A. Warren McClaskey Adult Center Charles A. Jones Education Center (Adult)
Alternative Schools of Choice (2)
Capital City Independent Study School of Engineering & Sciences