Paradise Unified school district

County of Butte

THIS chart showswhat the method wants.

NOT what school board members want.

NOT what superintendents want.

More about this chart.

• Any result above zero is proficient; below is not proficient. • There is a 99% chance that results will remain the same in coming years, which is to say, between the gray lines.

Paradise Unified math proficiency
Zero+ meets standard.
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Schools in Paradise Unified

Elementary School (Public) (5)
Cedarwood Elementary Paradise Elementary Paradise Ridge Elementary
Pine Ridge Ponderosa Elementary
High Schools (Public) (1)
Paradise Senior High
Intermediate/Middle Schools (Public) (1)
Paradise Intermediate
Continuation High Schools (1)
Ridgeview High (Continuation)
District Community Day Schools (1)
Honey Run Academy Secondary
K-12 Schools (Public) (1)
Paradise eLearning Academy
Adult Education Centers (1)
Paradise Adult
Preschool (1)
Paradise Unified Special Education