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Education experts are missing something basic — even if it is subtle and not obvious.

Do you see?

Now, even though the one adult has only one mouth and students are all different, students are learning, more and more just right for each.

Implementing the I-o method makes school districts orders of magnitude more organizationally intelligent.
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I want the I-o method implemented!

It will be better for our children than the one-size-fits-all, follow-the-schedule method used today!


  • I have wondered, why do schools fail when children are born sponges of learning. Now I know! There is a focus on learning, but not educating. Education - real education - is missing from schools.

  • What a concept! Educating students...properly understood...educates students! And...it fixes the school system!

  • It makes sense that knowledge of education/psychology can be used to aid the very natural process of growing up.

  • I completely endorse this approach!

  • It is obvious that a one-size-fits-all method cannot work for our children.

  • It is obvious once pointed out, that a one-size-fits-all method must fail our students because students are all unique.

  • The I-o method is a worthy replacement of the method used in schools today.

  • I am forwarding this information to (a superintendent, a principal, a school board member, a teacher, my friends)

  • I want my children go to a school using the I-o method.

  • I love that students get to involve their own interests.

  • - I love that students get practice using more and more autonomy.

  • I love that students work in teams to plan their work.

  • The lean/agile technique presented naturally helps students hold each other accountable.

  • I am a psychologist/executive/consultant/educator/...and can professionally attest to the efficacy of both developing human potential and working on the processes of the organization as a whole...

  • I have experience working with children/teens

  • Let me get this straight; school districts today, TODAY, are using a method of management developed for production back in the days of making Model T cars?

  • I want the I-o method implemented.

  • I wish this method was available when I went to school.

  • I was bored/discouraged in school.

  • I too came to believe that I wasn't good at math.