#2:   What is the RIGHT PROBLEM
such that if it were addressed
the SCHOOL SYSTEM would be successful?

Please share your agreement here.
I agree! If the school system solves this problem, that would be beautiful!

Less than 2 minute video about the problem, if solved, would make K12 work.

All we are asking you to agree to, is that this makes logical sense.

The one adult in the classroom has only one mouth.

Students are all different.


as a practical matter, as a practical, structural, organizational matter,

We are going to have to provide students more and more autonomy (freedom)

so students, more and more, can learn to their own unique ability.

The problem of the 1 and many in education is:

Too many students, even high school students, are not yet able to use this freedom to learn wisely and responsibly.

Instead they text, talk, jump on the internet...do what is natural.

You see the problem1. Must provide autonomy because only 1 adult, students are all different. There is no way around this.

2. But too many students unable to use the autonomy wisely and responsibly.

And computers cannot solve this problem, perhaps even exasperate this problem.

Why can we be sure this is the right 1-and-many problem in education?

Consider the following cause & effect theory of a solution to this problem.

This solution validates the problem.


somehow, with some magic, some secret sauce

we could "make" students more and more