Trying to solve WRONG PROBLEM,

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I agree! The school system is trying to solve the wrong problem.

to solve the WRONG PROBLEM.
The result naturally, is NO PROGRESS

Schools in Silicon Valleys' San Jose Unified School District (More about this chart)
Allen at Steinbeck math proficiency
Zero+ meets standard.
47% less $meal
50% less $meal
50% less $meal
58% less $meal
52% less $meal

• Any result above zero is proficient; below is not proficient. • There is a 99% chance that results will remain the same in coming years, which is to say, between the Upper and Lower Control Limits (the gray lines). • The houses with the % of students receiving a Free or Reduced Price Meal is a measure of wealth/poverty.

Student's very willingness — to even try — is harmed.

It is NOT just NO PROGRESS in learning math.
It's the discouragement. It's the belief that "I am not good at math."
It's the system — Taylor's one-size-fits-all method, misapplied to education — that causes this harm, that forecloses effort for a lack of belief in oneself.