While many people are vaguely aware that the school system is based on an old follow-the-schedule assembly-line method, most people do not know this method is a definitive thing, an invention, of a person, Frederick Winslow Taylor in about 1890, and that this first method of management ever invented brilliantly solved the structural problem of the-one and the-many in production.

Once the brilliance of this method is understood for production it is possible to see the school system for what it is, a brilliant 1890 assembly-line method, and precisely why it does not work in education. This method, if abandoned in favor of a new method for education fundamentally improves the school system itself. As it turns out, migrating from this 1890 assembly-line method to a new method has been done before.

The clear vision of schoolio is to repeat the transformation of the worldwide production sector this time in the K12 education sector using the exact same recipe: Change The Method.

In 1980 the production sector began migrating FROM the same 1890 assembly-line method school districts continue to use today TO a new method, the Deming Quality method of Management.

It worked. Quality increased and simultaneously, costs went down.

This panacea, Change The Method worked for cars, trucks, radios, TVs and all over the world in the U. S., Mexico, Europe, Asia. It worked for Ford, Chrysler, GM, Fiat, Audi, and BMW.

Deming's method is still used worldwide today, for continuously increasing quality while simultaneously reducing costs.

schoolio's idea is to migrate the entire K12 sector FROM the very same 1890 assembly-line method abandoned by manufacturing in 1980 but which school districts continue to use today TO a new method, this time the I-o method.

It will work. We have evidence. Educational quality will increase with the same or reduced costs.

This panacea, Change The Method will work for elementary, middle and high school. It will continuously improve our ability to educate all types of students: students with dyslexia, or without, for students with autism or hearing loss or vision loss, for students interested in whatever they are interested in, yet learning what we adults know they must learn to be ready for the world after school.

The I-o method will be used worldwide to continuously improve our ability to educate each and every type of student and at the same or reduced costs.

But it gets better.

By using the spectacular improvements in managing innovation that have spread so fast and far in knowledge work sectors the education sector will become newly fertile and tangibly exciting with real progress capably spurred by millions of knowledgeable practitioners.

For over one hundred years, trance-like, we have been doing the same old jobs better and better, never working on the system itself. The high student dropout rate and the high teacher dropout (attrition) rate is a direct and tragic consequence.

Everything changes when we knowledgeably focus on doing the right jobs better.