Education comes from the Latin word "educere", meaning:

to lead out the student from within.

Education includes learning, but is mostly about something else.

Students are born (out of the box) naturally driven to create and learn. The conditions which activate this powerful and natural drive are well understood. See 6. Method motivation theory.


children are born driven to learn


perhaps learning isn't the problem!

On the other hand,

children are not born wise and responsible! "Making" students wise and responsible — that, is the result of a good education!

And look at the benefits:

  • Educating students with the psychology helps to solve the structural one-and-many problem, because as students are able to wisely use more autonomy it becomes safe to provide the very autonomy they need to work to their own unique ability.

  • In addition, when students leave high school, they will be ready for the sudden autonomy of real life, having had a great deal of practice using more and more autonomy in the safe environment of a place called school.

This is a beautiful thing.