Surprising and hopeful

It becomes clear that to remedy K12 schooling we must solve a different problem.

Often people say "The school system is broken." But what is the school system?

Answer: a follow-the-schedule method that solves the problem of the-one and the-many in production.

Fixing the school system means changing the method from the follow-the-schedule method invented by Frederick Winslow Taylor, to another method.

Essentially, school districts are trying to solve the WRONG problem and an IMPOSSIBLE problem: get students, who are all different, to fit into a one-size-fits-all  follow-the-schedule method.

It is impossible to teach a student any better:

  • who has already learned the lesson; or,
  • Is unready for the lesson

There is no way around this. We must (all together now) change the method.

This means, ipso-facto, changing the problem to the right problem of the-one and the-many that a new method must solve.