The POLITICS of winning

to bring out the best

We ALL want to BRING out THE BEST from EACH student.

That's what PARENTS want.

That's why EDUCATORS go into education.

That's why people run for SCHOOL BOARD.

But TODAY, instead, using a 1-size-fits-all method we CAUSE:

Boredom and discouragement.

Poor learning identities, often for life

High student dropout rates.

High teacher dropout rates (attrition).

To be TRUE to our VALUES, we must:

Change from the 1-size-fits-all method

which CANNOT work because, students are ALL DIFFERENT.

To the beautiful Lead out method

which LEADS OUT out the naturally developing DRIVES for INDEPENDENCE and LEARNING.

ADD your name here, so we can all be true to our values:

AFTER there are enough supporters we will PIVOT to a campaign for two school districts.