Surprising and hopeful

Often people say "The school system is broken." But what is the school system?

Answer: a follow-the-schedule method that solves the problem of the-one and the-many in production.

Fixing the school system means changing the method from the follow-the-schedule method invented by Frederick Winslow Taylor, to another method.


The follow-the-schedule method public schools use is in conflict with teachers, principals and superintendents.

Every day teachers and principals are effective.

But the follow-the-schedule method is more effective, in a bad way.

Superintendents — people that we admire — are doing amazing things. Take for example Oakland Unified School District where Kyla Johnson-Trammell along with district and school staff have handed out millions of meals to students who are no longer going to school due to the pandemic. Or consider Chris Funk, superintendent of East Side High School District, who has brought in mindfulness and other healthy practices.

And yet, the follow-the-schedule method still wins, in a bad way.