"...the overwhelming sense one gets from [the founder's book, SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive] is that schooling is not an intractable problem."

– Mary E. Gardner
Retired Superintendent of Saratoga Union School District and
Author of The Constructivist Leader and Women's Ways of Leading.

"...The process change advocated by schoolio is ... in fact, real system change."

– Mitchell Goozé
President, Customer Manufacturing Group, Inc.

About SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive

– by Robert J. Caveney


Whenever a group of people want to produce something together, the natural question is: how best to organize 'the-many' to accomplish the purpose of the group?

The human invention of 'methods for organizing various types of work' answers that question.

schoolio's aim is to collect and transfer knowledge of these methods, beginning with a new method for schooling.

With contributions from, among others, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Peter F. Drucker, W. Edwards Deming, the last 120 years has seen a drastic, far-reaching revolution in methods enabling groups of people to well-cooperate in order to consciously cause the desired effect. Knowledge of this revolution is obscure to say the least, and yet knowledge of these methods is indispensible.

Methods are available for tangible-work and knowledge-work. Now, with the contribution of many, including schoolio, there is the I-o method for collectively causing the very human effect we want in schools reliably, day after day, year after year


Implement a new method for organizing education-work in public schools such that, the more years students spend in school
the more students are Self-Directing their natural Drive,
and the more students are able to achieve their very own dreams.

The idea is not to get students to fit in to the world, but instead to emerge able to change the world, using their own imagination.

Board of Directors

Gary Ravani

Mr. Ravani is currently president of the California Federation of Teachers' Early Childhood/K-12 Council, and is a vice-president of the CFT. He chairs the CFT's Education Issues Committee. Gary Ravani taught history in middle school for more than 30 years. He served for 19 years as president of the Petaluma Federation of Teachers.

Mitchell Goozé

Mitchell Goozé is the president and founder of Customer Manufacturing Group. His broad scope of business experience ranges from operations management in established firms, to start-up and turn-around situations and mergers. A seasoned general manager, he has headed divisions of large corporations and been CEO of independent firms, always focusing the company strategy on the most important person in business . . . the customer. Prior to founding Customer Manufacturing Group, Mitch was president of Teledyne Components, a division of Teledyne, Inc., for five years.

Mitch’s unique expertise in determining strategic positioning at the corporate or product level has resulted in the cornerstone element of the Customer Manufacturing System – Value Specification. For years he has used his Who, What and How assessment methods to help companies define what their customers are buying that they can’t get from anyone else. As a recognized expert in marketing, strategic business planning, and customer relationships, Mitch has been invited to speak by business groups across the globe. His ideas have helped thousands of senior executives to gain a competitive advantage in their market through the assessment and redesign of their System to Manufacture Customers.

He has served as an outside director on the board of several companies including Aquatrols, Hunter Associate Laboratories, Ikonos and Telesensory Systems. Mitch is a past member of the Board of Directors of The American Electronics Association and ASUCLA, and The Board of Advisors of the Leavy School of Business at Santa Clara University, The Northern California New Media Center, and the Board of Advisors of Customer Satisfaction Improvement, Inc. He has been an invited guest lecturer at The Columbia University Graduate School of Business and at Stanford University.

Mitch has been an invited guest speaker and published author for over fifteen years. His first book on marketing, It’s Not Rocket Science: Using Marketing to Build A Sustainable Business, was first published in 1997 and was released in newly updated paperback edition in 2008. His second book, The Secret To Selling More was initially released in August 2001, and published in a newly updated paperback edition in 2005. And, he is the co-author of Value Acceleration.

Mitch holds a B.S. Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and an MS and MBA from Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Robert Caveney - (see below)

Susan Whipple - (see below)


Robert Caveney - Founder, President

Mr. Caveney is a serial entrepreneur, starting with TeleSynergy a call accounting company, the account base of which was sold to SAI, Inc. in 1987. He founded Market Answers, a customer satisfaction market research company, which automated feedback by interconnecting with customer management systems. In 2001 he co-founded precisionpath, to do high-end brand research for advertising agencies and brand strategists and tacticians in New York and San Francisco. In 2008 Mr. Caveney began working with a middle school, eventually leading to authorship of a book, SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive, and the adaptation of methods of modern management for use in K12 schools systems.

John Caveney - co-founder - VP Enterprise services

John Caveney has 17 years experience in several roles at Microchip Technology Inc, often working closely with the CEO and senior executives, while growing the company from $400 million per year to $2 billion.

In the planning department John created a new position to move manual activities to automated activities. As manager of corporate planning John served served directors and senior managers with forecasts and implications often filling in for directors in key meetings. The forecasting tools developed by John are still being used at Microchip today. Later, using very high-end data mining and analytic tools such as Informatics, John created several transactional level systems to automatically populate decision-driving reporting databases.

In his role as a business analyst, John was part of a very deep cross functional team developing a 360 degree view of all customers from all divisions into one database. Specifications were developed by working with various departments, all of which was fed into the Informatica-tools team for coding.

John joined Microchip as part of the acquisition of ASIC technical solutions where John served as the operations manager. Prior to that John ran operations at Photoflex Inc.

Board of Advisors

Ilene Val-Essen, PhD

Ilene Val-Essen, PhD, is a leader in the field of parent education. Her landmark book, Bring Out the BEST in Your Child and Your Self, was honored recently as a Silver Medal Winner at Dan Poynter’s 2013 Global Ebook Awards in the Parenting/Family Non-Fiction category. Dr. Val-Essen’s Quality Parenting program, which is based on this award-winning book, has been presented in the US and abroad.

Dr. Val-Essen has adapted this material for educators and has taught the Quality Parenting/Quality Teaching program at UCLA education extension, school districts, and other educational settings. Teachers working with toddlers through late teens agree, “Creating emotional safety in their classrooms allows more learning to take place.”

Dr. Val-Essen is also a popular speaker at national and international conferences, has been quoted in numerous blogs and publications including Parents magazine, and has been a featured radio guest. She is known for her passion, warmth, clarity, and practical wisdom.

Dr. Val-Essen is also a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Culver City, CA, helping families, couples, and individuals of all ages.

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