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Migrating school districts to an effective method for organizing education work

Robert Caveney
The big idea for a school system solution

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Mitch Gooz√©  (Silicon valley executive) commented over 682789/262800 years ago:

No matter what your role is in society, you are probably under no illusions that the K-12 system has come under tremendous pressure to produce better test scores, more high school graduates and more college-ready students. And let's not forget that we are talking about real human beings, not just numbers. Our school system must produce the good human results we want day after day, year after year, except, clearly it is not.

This screen cast explains why, starting with identifying a subject not even in the national conversation, where the crisis is caused, which at the same time is where the solution can be found.

The knowledge shown in this screen cast will help you transform your understanding of the fundamentals of education along with providing solid answers for how to get school organizations bringing out the human results we all want.

The solution is new, different, begins with a root cause analysis. Along the way it becomes clear why various solutions now in the national conversation - such as Common Core, "better teaching" and technology - cannot solve the problem; in fact, don't even address the problem.

In the terms used by my organization, what is clearly proposed answers how to reliably, systematically, methodically and yet in a very human way, organize our school districts to bring out the best from our educators to enable students to emerge from high school, reliably and truly ready for life.

Mitch Goozé
CEO, Customer Manufacturing group

Rick Maddox  (Retired silicon valley executive) commented over 682661/262800 years ago:

Many of us have realized that, somehow, we must get all students learning at their own pace.   Clearly, this hasn't happened yet, despite technology innovations, curriculum changes, and a great deal of blame being placed on teacher unions.

And yet, every year, school districts continue to put unique students through a "factory" that treats them all the same. But students aren't the same.  We shouldn't be surprised that such a system fails to bring out the best in each unique student.  So why are we surprised that every school year brings news of poor results?

This screen cast clearly explains how expert solutions won't solve the actual problem.   See for yourself what the actual problem is and how to address it.

We owe it to our children and our children's children to take on the real challenge of education.

Rick Maddox
Retired silicon valley executive

Anne Griswold  (Organizational Development Consultant) commented over 113761/43800 years ago:
My passion for leadership and learning has it's roots in education, which takes many forms. I believe all of us are born curious and naturally driven to create and learn, and how we learn is shaped significantly by when we are kids in school. 
If you are like me, you may be wondering if education experts might be missing something obvious when you look at the problems of the education system. You might be wondering how and when will someone step up and create a solution to our education crisis. What will it take to have educators listen to and consider a new way forward?
I have had the privilege in the past months to meet a man who not only has the vision, but has put together, through a lot of trial and error, a breathtakingly simple and yet very profound solution to our nations school system crisis, Bob Caveney. He has been working over the past seven years to create a compelling and straight forward methodology.
My work in organizational development is completely aligned with the methodology suggested. Each and every executive I have watched Bob present this methodology to, found the vision very compelling and satisfying. Some senior executives believe the methodology can be used in large corporations as well.
See for yourself.
Now there is a screen cast which lays out a solid root cause analysis, identifies a domain of knowledge which is not part of the conversation, and describes beautiful, very human results which are quite achievable.
See for yourself what a profound and simple analysis and solution looks like by viewing this screen cast. With enough support from Bay Area leadership we can get this profound solution to funding sources and start to implement the work ASAP.
Anne Griswold
Organizational Development Consultant

Ilene Val-Essen, Ph.D.  (author, trainer, psychotherapist) commented over 1355467/525600 years ago:

As a Ph.D. in education and a teacher myself, I can attest that students have the potential to wisely and responsibly self-direct their learning. It is a matter of changing our priorities and training and supporting our teachers. It is all possible and practical. This will be a gift to our students in their years of formal education and a gift that will last a lifetime.

Author of the award-winning book Bring Out the BEST in Your Child and Your Self: Creating a Family Based on Mutual Respect.

Creator of the Quality Parenting program.

Diane Foster  (Educator/CEO ) commented over 18803/7300 years ago:

As an organization and leadership development consultant/ coach, I meet regularly with business leaders who are trying to align their human capital with real business needs.  They cannot get the talent they need from our present school system.  As a former HS English teacher and  extended faculty member of 3 universities, I know that our public school systems are trying to do their best, but they need the support of "outside the box" thinking to get there. 

 I have met with Bob Caveney, and can attest that after reviewing his materials, both an early draft of his next book, and the plan for public schooling he has put together, that it is an amazing solution and a solid vision. It provides a rational, whole-systems solution for those of us concerned about great education for the current generation and future of the American school system.

Bob’s I-o method goes to the heart of the fundamental challenge of education. It is both a human and a structural systemic solution.

As a former high school English teacher, a current educator, and a business woman with over 30 years of professional experience working to support business leaders, and our schools,  I urge you to:

A) view the screen cast; and,

B) meet with Bob to gain first-hand knowledge of the power of his solution to our school systems’ challenges.

I especially urge those of you with knowledge of organizational development and concerns for the future of our educational system to consider the merits of this proposal.

This is a bold vision that deserves our support to meet a huge challenge. See for yourself!

Diane Foster, MA,

Certified Master Coach

President, Diane Foster & Associates


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