Migrating school districts to an effective method for organizing education work

Robert Caveney
A certain K12 breakthrough, Part I
Teachers ARE NOT the school system. (They are people.)
Students ARE NOT the school system. (They are people.)
Parents? (They are people too.)
Exactly, what is the school system?
If you don't know...you can't fix it.  Start here:

Diane Foster  (HS Teacher/Executive Coach/Org. Consultant)

Our economy, business leaders and parents across the USA know that our schools are in deep trouble.

This short video shows exactly "Why?".

This clarity is new.

See it to see the school system as you haven't seen it before.


Barbara Stroud  (Parent -Palo Alto Unified School District)

 As a parent I can see that my child's lack of motivatioin to learn was not the result of bad teachers or an unteachable child. It was the result of a method that kills natural curiosity and meets the needs of some but not all children. Is it not the case that public education should meet the needs of all children not some children? 

Tony Barbee  (Consultant )

The video makes clear the history and methods used in a clear concise way. It obvious that the current method does not work for all. 

Joe  (Parent - San Jose )

 Yes, it's clear that we must change the method in order to improve our school systems.  The assembly line method is clearly flawed and we must look at each child individually in order to discover the spark that lights up their curiosity by allowing them to have the autonomy to learn.  This will help them discover their purpose and ultimately lead them towards the path of mastery.  

Lillie Ellison  (Executive Management for public and private organizations)

I have long thought that the school system was/is not effective for most children. I agree that the current method needs a change. 

Bill Davis  (Retired Local Government Asst Director)

Yes, a system that increases self-efficacy of our youth to learn and develop at a pace that suits their abilities. It’s an intriguing concept! Bob Caveney is on to something...




A certain K12 breakthrough, Part I

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