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Migrating school districts to an effective method for organizing education work

Robert Caveney
The hidden revolution

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Steve Hogan ,  (Managing Partner at Tech-Rx) commented almost 2557061/525600 years ago:
I believe that Bob has a great idea about thow to solve one of education's most compelling problems - students arriving at a grade level without the necessary skills to do the work.  He has looked at the problem from a different perspective and proposes a potentially very-good solution.

Nu Biz Strategy ,  (Partner) commented almost 159193/32850 years ago:
Bob seeing this obvious  problems that are easily identified ,  trying to find a solution, using an alternative method that  has real potential . Great !

MacOptimum Inc. ,  (Concerned Parent) commented almost 2531383/525600 years ago:
 This is the kind of complete overhaul needed in our schools. I had no idea until I saw this that we are currently using an inappropriate and unworkable system in our schools. Our young minds need a new approach as it is obvious that our public schools are in crisis. We can do better and I think has the correct approach. Thanks for the education and straight talk about our schools.
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