Migrating school districts to an effective method for organizing education work

Robert Caveney
A certain K12 breakthrough, Part II

Here we solve this structural problem in K12:

'The one' adult in the room has only one mouth.

'The many' students are all different,

...which is really, this problem:

• students must be provided autonomy — to work to their own unique ability.

autonomy too many students are not (yet) able to use

   wisely, responsibly and skillfully for learning.


Diane Foster  (Educator/Executive Coach/Org. Consultant)

Even great teachers can't get the results they need with our students because the system is broken and outdated.

It's wonderful to know that there is a solution, and that we can start right NOW! As an experienced educator, psychologist and organization development consultant, I can attest that  Robert Caveney's I-o method can work in schools.  Let's get behind this and make it happen!

Barbara Stroud  (Parent Palo Alto Unified School District )

 As a parent I have been disappointed that my child is bored in school. What I like about the I-o method is it teaches critical thinking, respects the interest of students, and asks students to be active learners. I want my child to love learning and be a lifelong learner. If children can find success in learning rather than failure in the one size fits all model, we will have children that become lovers of  learning.


A certain K12 breakthrough, Part I

A certain K12 breakthrough, Part II

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