Migrating school districts to an effective method for organizing education work

Robert Caveney
A certain K12 breakthrough, Part II

The new I-o method solves
the problem of
'the ONE and MANY' in school districts:

the one adult in the room has only one mouth and the students are all different.

(Developed after years of working with teachers, principals and school district management.)


Diane Foster  (HS Teacher/Educator/Executive Coach/Org. Consultant)

Even great teachers can't get the results they need with our students because the system is broken and outdated.

It's wonderful to know that there is a solution, and that we can start right NOW! As an experienced educator, psychologist and organization development consultant, I can attest that  Robert Caveney's I-o method can work in schools.  Let's get behind this and make it happen!

Barbara Stroud  (Parent Palo Alto Unified School District )

 As a parent I have been disappointed that my child is bored in school. What I like about the I-o method is it teaches critical thinking, respects the interest of students, and asks students to be active learners. I want my child to love learning and be a lifelong learner. If children can find success in learning rather than failure in the one size fits all model, we will have children that become lovers of  learning.

Joe  (Parent - San Jose )

 Yes, the I-o method makes logical sense.  I would love for my school system to adopt this method.  Empowering students to become intrinsically motivated is foundational to individual development.  I truly believe that this is the correct approach that is needed in order for each student to develop curiosity and long-term learning.  There's a big difference between educating students to pass tests versus giving each student the autonomous environment to truly want to learn.  The latter makes much more sense.  Let's get this into every school system asap.


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A certain K12 breakthrough, Part II

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