"...the overwhelming sense one gets from [the founder's book, SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive] is that schooling is not an intractable problem."

– Mary E. Gardner
Retired Superintendent of Saratoga Union School District and
Author of The Constructivist Leader and Women's Ways of Leading.

"...The process change advocated by schoolio is ... in fact, real system change."

РMitchell Goozé
President, Customer Manufacturing Group, Inc.

About SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive

– by Robert J. Caveney

Constance Constable  (3rd Grade teacher) commented about 6 hours ago:

This presentation makes clear the need for an educational change to take place.  The practices that have been in place since the late 1800s are not serving our students.  The decisions made and directions given by the administration that guide instruction are no longer effective.  The lives of students have changed, and the way of educating diverse learners needs to change as well.  I am loooking forward to Part II!

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