"...the overwhelming sense one gets from [the founder's book, SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive] is that schooling is not an intractable problem."

– Mary E. Gardner
Retired Superintendent of Saratoga Union School District and
Author of The Constructivist Leader and Women's Ways of Leading.

"...The process change advocated by schoolio is ... in fact, real system change."

– Mitchell Goozé
President, Customer Manufacturing Group, Inc.

About SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive

– by Robert J. Caveney

a K12 breakthrough.
a 30 MINUTE investment is required.
Two good reasons NOT to invest 30 minutes:
  1. Your belief that K12 cannot be fixed.

    Are you sure?

  2. The belief that EXPERTS should evaluate this.

    There are no experts...not superintendents...not even teachers.

    NO ONE has demonstrated expertise in turning entire school districts around, ever. (Not once.)

    You will have to think for yourself.

Do you know what — EXACTLY — the school system is? See: A certain K12 breakthrough, Part I
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