"...the overwhelming sense one gets from [the founder's book, SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive] is that schooling is not an intractable problem."

– Mary E. Gardner
Retired Superintendent of Saratoga Union School District and
Author of The Constructivist Leader and Women's Ways of Leading.

"...The process change advocated by schoolio is ... in fact, real system change."

РMitchell Goozé
President, Customer Manufacturing Group, Inc.

About SCHOOLING For Readiness And Drive

– by Robert J. Caveney

Teachers ARE NOT the school system. (They are people.)
Students ARE NOT the school system. (They are people.)
Parents? (They are people too.)
Exactly, what is the school system?
a K12 breakthrough.
maybe even yours of what the school system is.
See it — to fix it.   See the school system.

Diane Foster  (HS Teacher/Executive Coach/Org. Consultant)

Our economy, business leaders and parents across the USA know that our schools are in deep trouble.

This short video shows exactly "Why?".

This clarity is new.

See it to see the school system as you haven't seen it before.


Barbara Stroud  (Parent -Palo Alto Unified School District)

 As a parent I can see that my child's lack of motivatioin to learn was not the result of bad teachers or an unteachable child. It was the result of a method that kills natural curiosity and meets the needs of some but not all children. Is it not the case that public education should meet the needs of all children not some children? 

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